Do you need content in French or Japanese ?

You own a website, an ecommerce site or a company and you need to communicate to your prospects, audience, partners, customers in French or Japanese ?

Do not hire cheap and unqualified writers ! The quality of a text is very important if you want your site to look professional. Readers from your targeting countries will quickly notice if something is wrong and they will avoid your services, fearing scam or other unsure transaction.

Writing is not only about convey a message – are you sure you need 800 words filled with 2/3 of fluff ? – or filling a page with keywords for SEO purpose – that is bad in regards to Google Policy.
It is also to secure your readers or customers. I am sure you you understand what I mean ! You may have experimented this kind of thing with Chinese websites poorly translated and thinking for yourself “what the heck is going on here ?”.

Same thing occurs for Japanese – who are very very unlikely to take a risk – or French – who are not comfortable when something is not real French.
Examples of bad writing practice can be found here :

A website about Quebec Life Style that obviously targets a French audience. They wrote some posts before asking our help.
Here one of their original post : for a French it ins not readable.
Here our text :

Quite different isn’t it ?

Again a customer that used our service. Our article is not published yet, but you can read some strange articles :

Do not forget : good writing costs money ! Translation, writing, and so on requires skills and time, so if you want to badly communicate sticks with very cheap writer that can not truly write French. But be sure you won’t get many customers or much authority that.

Ask a native pro ! Here we are French native and Japanese native, with Master Degrees, so we know what we are talking about.

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Happy New Year !

This year is a good opportunity to change and experiment. Why not trying to get a job, an internship or a scholarship in Japan or in France ?

You will need to complete forms and other papers, provide CV and covering letter , of course in the desired language and style ! English is good but using the target language can dramatically improve your chance of success.

Here at Ceno Services we can help you to achieve your dream by providing support in all these fields as writing in Japanese and French are not problems for us.

You have other projects involving Japanese or French as target language ? No problem, just ask us a quotation and we can give our best to help you.

Content writing, documents translations are our daily business.

Note that we are present on

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